Forming Habits in Exercise is Easier in the morning

Forming habits in exercise is easier in the morning due to cortisol being higher in the upon rising    
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Everyone knows that they should be eating healthy, exercising, getting plenty of sleep and getting regular health checks, however the reality is people forget and get out of a habit of completing these tasks. Daily habits can lead to success be that success in losing body weight, within business, your career or as in your family life. However, forming good healthy habits can be difficult, one starts with good intentions and most times new health habits can die quickly. One study shows that creating an exercise habit in the morning was easier than in the evening due to higher cortisol (a low grade adrenaline) being higher in the AM than the PM.
The Research
Researchers from the University of Nice in France have now completed a research study to investigate the best way of people sticking to their habits. 48 subjects were split into two groups and all instructed to complete a hip flexor stretch. All the subjects were asked to do the same stretch for the same period of time each day. The only difference was that one group were asked to perform the stretch when they woke up in the morning and the other group before bed. All the subjects had similar work and sleep cycles. Cortisol was also measured by saliva samples in this simple study, which can fluctuate during the day and impact memory and the ability to form habits. Cortisol is highest in the morning and lowest before bed, so that the body can recover. Cortisol is deemed a stress hormones whereby it can impact on weight, diabetes and alter progress.
Interestingly, the group that stretched in the morning formed the habit very easily and had 2 months after the other group before they needed prompting to do the exercise. The researchers attributed this to the higher cortisol levels found in the morning group, since it is known to be associated with memory formation and habits. Therefore, if you want to make an exercise a habit, this study shows you should complete it when you wake up not before bed.
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Fournier, M., d’Arripe-Longueville, F., Rovere, C., Easthope, C. S., Schwabe, L., El Methni, J., & Radel, R. (2017). Effects of circadian cortisol on the development of a health habit. Health Psychology, 36(11), 1059-1064.
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Gluten Free Coeliac Patient Still Had Problems

Meet Charles Lawrence Brown, a client of Paul Burges, who has coeliac disease and despite being gluten free was still expressing problems. Charles talks about his experiences with GC Biosciences specifically the food sensitivity test along with some blood chemistry to monitor his health, vitamin, and mineral status. As you can see Charles is very happy with the results!
What is Coeliacs disease? 
Coeliacs disease is a longterm autoimmune condition which affects the small intestines. The immune system reacts with gluten causing an abnormal immune response. Symptoms include diarrhoea, abdominal distention and malabsorption. The immune reaction results in antibodies that can effect other organs such as the thyroid.
When you have coeliacs disease the villi in the digestive system become damaged and the patient may become sensitive to other foods causing problems. Furthermore, this can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Going gluten free is a must when you’re a Coeliac but after diagnosis you may need further advice.
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