The Tests

The Right Test For You

GC Biosciences utilises many tests, if you are interested in the tests we offer please fill in the form below. If you are unsure on what test will be right for you please visit the symptoms checker and fill out this form

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How We Work With You

Here’s the timeline of the client journey that starts once you fill in the symptoms questionnaire:


Initial Consultation

With the questionnaire filled, one of our consultants will get in touch with you for a complimentary phone-call consultation or in-person meeting. This consultation is essential because it helps us recommend the right test for you.


Sample collection

After the consultation and with the right test matched to you, the next step is sample collection. A qualified phlebotomist will collect your blood sample at our consultancy rooms at the world-famous Harley Street, London.


Laboratory Analysis

With the blood samples collected, the analysis is then done at the most advanced and fully accredited laboratories in conventional testing. These use the latest technological trends to ensure a high level of quality and very specific accuracy.


Follow Up Consultation

After successful interpretation of the results, we then follow-up with you to apprise you on the results summary and present recommendations from the experts. This consultation ensures that you completely understand the results and their implication for improving your health and and well-being.


Further Support

As part of the package, we remain available to provide even more follow-up support on the nutritional recommendations, your progress and any other questions you may have. This support is offered via phone or email.
If needed, we can arrange further consultations.

To Get Started

Please Fill In The Symptoms Questionnaire And One Of Our Consultants Will Get In Touch With You


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Speak To Us

For more information, do contact us below or speak to one of our health consultants on
0203 476 4507.