Sports Performance Testing Programme

This test unlocks the potential to reach your goals

Not just a test, a journey…

Frustrated that your staff cannot reach their potential. Let us join your staff on their journey every step of the way to achieving their goals.

This testing programme is aimed at:

• Improved performance
• Feeling energised
• Improved muscle strength and balance

What does the programme include?

• Vitamin D (25 OH and calcium for bone formation)
• Electrolytes for hydration
• Kidney function and protein balance

‘Let us help your staff on a journey to achieve their goals from start to finish’

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The ebook contains:

• Protein turnover, metabolism and protein intake.
• Markers important for the immune system
• Improving sports performance
• Tools for research, calculate macronutrients and body fat

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The Science Behind the Testing

This programme will help us recognise if you are over trained and in need of support. Overt training is a big hurdle for people who cannot quite reach them goals. We also check how your kidneys are functioning as you may be on a very high protein diet and we can find out if you are eating too much and give you a better protein intake. We test other markers such as vitamin D3 and calcium that are important for sports performance. This test will give you a step up on the competition by giving you a unique programme suited for you only.


“Working with gore bioscience is the most sensible move I’ve made towards my health goals”

Simon Herbert

“Testing with GC has taken all the guess work out of my dieting, I would highly recommend Gore Bioscience to anyone ready to take it to the next level.”

Alex Quinn

GC Bioscience have hugely changed my life. The team have achieved things i didn’t think were possible”

Franchesca Shearer 


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