Immune Screen Testing Programme

A  simple test that gives your clients a map to reach their goals and find the best way to improve their immunity.

Not just a test, a journey…

Are you trying to enhance your clients immunity? We provide the steps to make changes in their diet and supplements with expert guidance to improve their immunity.

This testing programme is aimed at?

• Personal trainers
• Fitness enthusiasts
• Cross fitters

What does the programme include?

• Immune cells and their subsets
• Red blood cells
• Vitamin requirements to create red blood cells (iron, B12, folic acid)
• Specific recommendations based on immune cell changes

‘Let us help your client on a journey to achieve their goals from start to finish’

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The ebook contains:

• Protein turnover, metabolism and protein intake.
• Markers important for the immune system
• Improving sports performance
• Tools for research, calculate macronutrients and body fat

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The Science Behind the Testing

A compromised immune system can lead to unwanted infections that may have been warded off if the immune system was functioning correctly. How do we know if we have a compromised immune system? There are no full-proof methods or tests that will give your immune system a 100% pass rate. Yet still there are markers we can test and check for certain problems in the immune system. These markers will either be elevated or supressed based on the external or internal offending factors. If we determine which marker is ‘out of range’ we can then start to take steps to improve these markers and thus the immune system.


“After testing using industry leading methods we identified the root causes of issues and I’m finally getting well!!”

Lucy Walton

“Off my thyroid medication after 12 years. Truly remarkable! I was told I would need to take allergy medicine and thyroid medication for the rest of my life.”

Jennifer Wu Dorre

“I’m as good as I’ve ever been, i would recommend GC to anyone with digestive issues, can’t say enough how glad I am to have come across them.”

Luke Dalmedo 


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