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GC Biosciences Partner Program

Working with you…

GC Biosciences works alongside doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, personal trainers and other health practitioners. We offer these practitioners a chance to partner with GC Biosciences.
As a health professional, you’re only as good as the information you work with. In partnership with GC Biosciences, you will be working with expert health information and latest technology in laboratory testing available. Save time and let GC Biosciences analyse your tests for you and advise a course of action for your clients and patients.
• Enjoy discounted tests and let our team handle the tests and reports for you saving your precious time.
• Enjoy access to a list of specialist doctors in the UK for almost every medical speciality.

Why use GC Biosciences?

Because you will get access to:

1, Advanced laboratory testing, we arrange sample collection
2.  Concise reports that quickly tell you what is wrong and offers recommendations
3.  Discounted tests
4.  A network of phlebotomists across the UK and some other parts of the world where we can collect samples for your clients or patients
5.  Home test kits for clients or patients
6.  The online account comes with features such as a body fat skinfold calculator and a calorie and macronutrients calculator. Both give quick analysis from the information you put in
7.  message GC Biosciences in your online account 24 hours a day

Become a Partner Today!

At GC Biosciences, we value our partners and prioritize their business needs.
Once you fill in the form below, we will get in touch with you to learn more about your client and business needs and ensure you get the most out of this partnership.

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