Ultimate Diet & Wellbeing Programme

Our best selling programme from our Harley Street Premium Services is now in our new Mini series, designed for your clients to achieve optimal health & fitness results whether thats losing, maintaining or gaining weight.

With specific blood testing and expert support we can help you get great results, retain your clients and grow your business.

This test is aimed at?

• Personal Trainers
• Fitness Enthusiasts
• Cross Fitters

What does the programme include?

• Carbohydrate, fat and protein amounts based on your blood results
• Supplement Guidelines based on your blood results

• Support from experts doctors, nutritionists, behaviour and lifestyle specialists

Sign up to our partnership and receive :

  • Discounts on all testing for additional income stream
  • Expert support from Harley Street support network
  • Become part of our referral network
  • 70% off your first test
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The Science Behind the Testing

Our programme is designed to determine the correct amount of carbohydrates, fats and protein in a person’s diet. Understanding the precise balance of these macronutrients is important supporting weight loss, prediabetes, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In the programme we test markers such as HbA1c which determines your 2-3 month blood glucose levels, lipids are also tested which include cholesterol and more. Whether you want to do this programme yourself or if you have clients that will want to do this it could be that vital step, you’re missing to achieving them goals.


“Thanks a million for all your help and advice so far… I can’t recommend you enough”

Fionna Dobbs

“Always had great results for clients using both Calum and Rob for consults and testing”

Paul Burgess

Thanks for all your help and support you have so much knowledge to share”

Lynn Shellard 


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