The Ultimate Health and Fitness Programme

 With the GC Minis Series we support you with expert testing and advice

Diet & Wellbeing

Frustrated that you cannot achieve your goals.  Let us join you on your journey every step of the way to achieving your goals.

This test is aimed at?

• People looking to lose weight
• For people wanting to improve their wellbeing
• Health targeted diet planning

What does the programme include?

• Carbohydrate testing
• Fat testing
• Protein testing
• Kidney function testing

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The ebook contains:

• Protein turnover, metabolism and protein intake.
• Markers important for the immune system
• Improving sports performance
• Tools for research, calculate macronutrients and body fat

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The Science Behind the Testing

Our programme is designed to determine the correct amount of carbohydrates, fats and protein in a person’s diet. Understanding the precise balance of these macronutrients is important supporting weight loss, prediabetes, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In the programme we test markers such as HbA1c which determines your 2-3 month blood glucose levels, lipids are also tested which include cholesterol and more. Whether you want to do this programme yourself or if you have clients that will want to do this it could be that vital step, you’re missing to achieving them goals.


“Thanks a million for all your help and advice so far… I can’t recommend you enough”

Fionna Dobbs

“Always had great results for clients using both Calum and Rob for consults and testing”

Paul Burgess

Thanks for all your help and support you have so much knowledge to share”

Lynn Shellard 


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